Slant 10 Preview: Neo-Benshi Experience

Neelanjana Banerjee and Robin Sukhadia will perform neo-benshi at Slant. Photo by John C. Liau.

We are super excited to bring performances to Slant this year. Bay Area artists Neelanjana Banerjee and Robin Sukhadia (pictured above) will be performing their hilarious take on neo-benshi. Focusing on Bollywood’s Golden Era, they’ve written their own scripts and soundtracks to film clips starring the megastar Amitabh Bachchan, which they’ll be performing live.

Neela is a writer and editor who also has a new book. She co-edited Indivisible: Anthology of Contemporary South Asian American Poetry. Robin, who puts a modern spin on his classical tabla training, is also known as DJ TablaPusher.

Neela and Robin go on at 7 this Saturday at Super Happy Fun Land. Tickets are just $7 (and free for Aurora Picture Show members.) More details about Slant 10: The Neo-Benshi Experience here.

Following their performance will be singer songwriter Goh Nakamura. Goh will be performing a live score to a new animation by Dino Ignacio, as well as playing his own songs. “Armed with an acoustic guitar and an active imagination, Goh Nakamura strums to the beat of a processed drum machine, singing the minimum wage, dial-up connection blues,” says Hyphen magazine. “Like Neil Finn gone broke or a male version of Mary Lou Lord, Nakamura could be a patron saint for lonely code warriors with good record collections. Geekdom doesn’t get any more pronounced than on ‘N.P.’, a wistful stalker anthem about a girl in a Star Wars trilogy.”

Goh’s got lots of videos on YouTube if you want a preview of Saturday’s show.
Here’s his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.”


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