Slant 10 Preview: Three Times Me

Three Times Me

At Slant, we love short films. That’s why we focus exclusively on them. We are delighted by how a story can unfold in just 10 or 20 minutes. Or how you can get a good glimpse of someone’s life in a brief documentary. Or experience something new in just 5 minutes!

The shortest film we’ve ever shown was just a minute long. In Jenn Kao’s The Plug, a young woman makes a surprising discovery about the world.

This year, most of the films we’re screening are around the 15-minute mark. But we have one super short one. Wendy J. N. Lee’s work, Three Times Me, is just 3 minutes long. This charming story takes us into the imagination of a little girl hiding under a table at a dinner party.

Watch an interview with Wendy about making Three Times Me below. At 2 minutes and 37 seconds, it’s almost as long as her film!


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