Slant 10 Preview: Televisnu


Prithi Gowda’s Televisnu just screened at SXSW in March. We’re pleased to bring this surreal story of a call center worker who falls into a dreamland of wires and memories to Slant. New York-based Prithi says she was inspired to make the film after a trip to India a few years ago.

“I noticed a big change. Many of my young, female cousins were working rather than adopting the more traditional and expected role of husband hunting,” she says. “In the past, a young Indian woman did not leave her home until a suitable man agreed to marry her. She went directly from the care and responsibility of her father to the care and responsibility of her new husband. But, due to globalization, a new and curious detour has become more common.”

Televisnu was shot over 12 days in Bangalore, India and in Prithi’s parents’ respective villages outside Kolar. It was a labor of love for the filmmaker and her family. Her uncle served as a location scout, her mother co-produced the film, and her cousin built all the sets. Watch the trailer, then see the film on May 21 at Slant.


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