Slant Retrospective: Wes Kim

Today we take a look at the films of Wes Kim. Wes, a Seattle-based filmmaker, made his Slant debut in our second year of the festival with Profiles in Science. A mock science classroom film, complete with film projector glitch, Profiles tells the story of a determined scientist who discovers the reason why socks go missing from your laundry. We liked it so much that we put it on our DVD. But you can also watch it here on YouTube:

We asked Wes where he got the idea for this film. “The idea for Chungian motion had been brewing for a long time,” he says. “Somehow, my mind put together dirty laundry lying around on my floor and those time-lapse wildlife films of sea stars crawling around on the ocean floor. When a local filmmaking organization had an open call for science-themed super-8 films, I finally had a reason to use the idea.”

Wes returned to Slant the following year with a double header: Why It’s a Good Thing and Vision Test, films that tackle racism with biting humor and clever images.

Wes’s work last made an appearance at Slant in 2008 with Cookies for Sale, a delightful story about an ambitious girl scout in a battle of wills with a grumpy neighbor.

We can’t wait to see what Wes makes next. Oh, and Wes just celebrated his birthday. Happy birthday, Wes!


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