Slant Retrospective: Embarcadero Blues

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, leading up to this year’s festival on May 21 to 23, we’ll be posting about some of the films that have screened at Slant over the years. When we started Slant 10 years ago, YouTube didn’t exist. But now with its help, we can show you some of the films we love. Think of it as a film festival online that you can watch whenever you like. There’s still nothing like seeing something on the big screen, but for those of you who won’t be able to make it to our screenings in Houston, you can now catch up with us.

First up is Embarcadero Blues, directed by Dino Ignacio. Some of you may know Dino creator of the notorious Bert is Evil website. We know Dino as an awesome animator. He has screened 3 films at Slant over the years, including Maritess V.S. The Superfriends, which is on our DVD.

Embarcadero Blues, a music video for Bay Area musician Goh Nakamura, was made in 2007 and screened at Slant 8. Dino and Goh reunite for a Slant collaboration this year. Dino has been working on a new animation and Goh will score it and play it live at Slant 10: The Neo-Benshi Experience on May 22.


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